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The Coalition for Children is a not-for-profit (501c(3)) organization founded by Dr. Sherryll Kraizer in 1982.

  • The mission of the Coalition for Children is enhancing the well-being of children, families and society by providing positive, effective, multidisciplinary and culturally diverse prevention programming in collaboration with other organizations and individuals.  


The Coalition for Children has, for the past thirty years, participated in the evolution of a clear set of guidelines for prevention programs, what makes them effective, what works and what doesn’t.  We now know that child abuse is preventable through a series of committed on-going actions on the part of communities, government, schools and families.

  • At the governmental level, we need legislation that clearly takes a stand of “no tolerance” for perpetrators of child abuse. We need funding for prevention efforts including parental support systems from the prenatal period throughout childhood.
  •  At the level of the educational system, we need prevention programs from preschool through graduation. We need people who recognize child abuse when it is perpetrated and who act  aggressively on behalf of children to stop the abuse and intervene in the cycle of child abuse.
  •  At the level of the community, each of us needs to be an advocate for every child we know. Each of us needs to be clear that we have “no tolerance” for interpersonal violence. Each of us needs to speak up when we see or suspect child abuse. We need to recognize that each child who is maltreated affects the community as a whole, now and in the future.
  • At the level of the family, we need to educate our children in a positive and empowering way to speak up for themselves, to respect themselves and others and to be powerful advocates for a society that recognizes the value of every child.

Your tax-deductible contribution (Federal ID# 840899848) enables us to continue to provide prevention programs in over 80 countries around the world.


Mail: 1780 Washington Street, #404, Denver, CO 80203

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Author Dr. Sherryll Kraizer has a Ph.D. in education with a specialization in youth at risk.